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// This script fully hides the VisualEditor tool, leaving it's functionality inaccessible.
// It does not entirely undo the changes, but does restore old look and user-facing behavior.

// It's bound to break on the slightest changes to VE itself, and might not cooperate
// with other scripts which poke around the article tabs or section edit links.

// Use at your own risk, and pester the VE team to restore the option to disable VisualEditor
// if you believe it is necessary.

/*global $, mw */
$(document).ready(function (){
	var state = mw.loader.getState('ext.visualEditor.desktopArticleTarget.init');
	if (state != 'registered') { // 'registered' actually means 'not loading'
		mw.loader.using('ext.visualEditor.desktopArticleTarget.init', function () {
			// Kill the tab
			if( $('#ca-editsource').length > 0 ) {
				var caEdit = $('#ca-edit a');
				$('#ca-editsource a')
				$('#ca-editsource').attr('id', 'ca-edit');

				// Kill the section edit links
					.text( $('.mw-editsection-link-primary').eq(0).text() )
					.off('focus blur');
				$('.mw-editsection-divider, .mw-editsection-link-primary').remove();
				$('.mw-editsection-bracket, .mw-editsection-link-secondary').css('visibility', '');
				$('h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6').off('mouseenter mouseleave');